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The latin term “Tilia tomentosa” (linden) comes from the Italian word Tiglio, which comes in turn from the ancient Greek word “ptelea/ftelia”.

Linden tree is a long-living deciduous tree from the family of Tiliaceae which is found in regions with mild temperatures of the North Hemisphere.

It blossoms in June or July, depending on the altitude and temperature of the region.

Its flowers are light yellow and have a sweet fragrance; they are honey-producing, they hang from the tree and they produce later yellow green fruits. It is also used for the honey that the bees make when they visit their flowers. The essential oil they contain gives a special taste to the honey. The legend of Philyra is associated with the linden tree (in Greek, “flamouria”).


The legend of Philyra

Philyra was the mother of Centaur Chiron.

Chiron was the son of Cronus and Philyra, who was an Oceanid.

Cronus, in the shape of a stallion (as a disguise from his wife Rea), got together with the beautiful nymph Philyra and gave birth to Chiron, who was half-human from the waist up and half-equine from the waist down.

According to the book of Athanasius of Stagira “Ogygia or Archeology”, the legend of Philyra is related to the linden tree. In the book the Nymph appears to ask the gods desperately to transform her into a tree, because she gave birth to a “monster”. The gods heard her request and transformed her into a linden tree.


The linden tree was used widely in ancient times especially in the field of timber and honey-making, as the bees were attracted by the fragrances of its flowers.

It was also used in European countries in woodcraft as well as for making objects such as ropes and nets.

It also played an important role in the architecture of European cities in the 17th and 18th century.

The Native Americans of USA used the linden tree also for practical things in their daily life as there were self-seeded varieties of linden tree in the American continent.

Medicinal uses

Linden is an excellent tranquilizer for the nervous system which calms us down from the tension of every-day life.

It calms down migraines of the nervous system and fights insomnia.

It is exorbitant, slightly diuretic and antiseptic.

It fights constipation and bloated stomach and it eases digestion.

It reduces high blood pressure, it increases transpiration and it releases the spasms.

It relieves symptoms of cough and common cold.

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