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Sideritis (Mountain Tea)

Sideritis or Mountain Tea belongs to the family of Lamiaceae and the genus of Sideritis Spp. There are more than 14 different species of sideritis which are self-seeded in different parts of Greece such as mountain Olympus, Kissavos, Pelion etc.

Olympus Tea (Sideritis scardica), the herb of gods, has always been a valuable pharmaceutic herb which has been used in traditional medicine (Ethnobotanical Society) for the treatment of numerous diseases.

The name “Sideritis” comes from the Greek word “sidero” (iron), because the herb was used in ancient times to heal the wounds caused by iron weapons during battles.

Cultivation and processing

Sideritis is a perennial herbaceous herb which is found in high altitude. It can however also be cultivated in sloppy mountainous areas (>500 m) in agricultural parcels.

Herbs of sideritis type are particularly demanding, and that’s why they should be cultivated in the appropriate environment, as close to their natural environment and their meteorological conditions as they can.

Warm regions with agricultural parcels that keep water are inappropriate for sideritis and they produce scentless tea without its typical medicinal properties.

The flowers of sideritis have light yellow colour and they are collected when they have fully blossomed, from June to August.

The drying process is made in little parcels which are hanged upside down in a shadowy and cool place.

Medicine in ancient Greece

Dioscorides considered it as a shield against the common cold and even nowadays we know about its properties against hypertension.

It is anti-spasmodic, painkiller, antioxidant, diaphoretic and anxiolytic. The rich flavonoids it contains shield the circulatory and cardiovascular system.

Hippocrates recommended it as an energizer because of its high concentration in iron. It is used preventively against anemia (because of Fe) and in case of Alzheimer’s because it strengthens memory and concentration.

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